About Me

I’m standing at the events desk, the personalised welcome packs neatly lined up in front of me in alphabetical order. He stands at the desk waiting patiently as I rifle through the packs, I look up at him and smile, ‘how are you enjoying the day?’ I say hoping to stall things.

I don’t really listen to his answer as inside my HEAD quarters a team has been called into urgent action, questions are being asked, someone is trying to find the facts, they have been misplaced, who had them last?  What’s his name?  What... is.... his.... name? Come on you’ve worked with him for four years, been in meetings every other week. You’re part of the same team for goodness sake!

In HQ as everyone runs around in panic, a grey mist starts to descend, peoples edges start to blur, voices become muffled.    

We have a serious case of brain fog!

I feel my cheeks start to flush, my throat tightens, I definitely CANNOT ask him his name, he will think I’m nuts! 

‘I’m sorry I can’t seem to find your pack, could you have a look?’

Phew! I got away with it this time.  But then I realise there will be a next time and the energy it will take to try and keep my cover up.  

Well, forget that!

It’s time for change and that is why I’m dedicated to helping you as a woman get the support you need and deserve at this time of life.

So you can lift your head up, no more trying to ‘fit in’, it’s time to love and respect the female body and the natural flow within.

To recognise and reclaim Peri-menopause onto midlife as the transitional process it is.

Embracing your feminine power and self-worth to create the future you desire.

Hello I’m Nina, and I'm here to change the story of menopause, one foggy brain at a time!
I know what it’s like to have your gauge flashing ‘empty’. To be everyday on that endlessly spinning wheel, full speed, head down, focused. A voice inside saying:

keep going
keep doing
don’t stop, ever
you can sleep when you’re dead!

That was the way I knew how to do things. It’s what was expected, the culture of doing more, having more, proving I was enough, anything else was seen as weak, lazy, not worthy.

So I hadn’t listened to the whispering of my female body, until it screamed at me…

...."I’m not doing this anymore!"  I was forced to stop.

So if pushing through, struggling, trying to bury feelings and ignoring discomfort, wasn’t working, then what?

I knew that my body held innate wisdom and if I understood it better and worked with it rather than against it, it would do it’s very best for me.

I took the time to go deeper, to start to REALLY listen to what my body needed at this time and to support myself physically, mentally and emotionally so I could start to flow with ease.

With my experience of coaching and NLP, my nutritional therapy training and an understanding of transitional phases I can support you so you can start your journey to living the life you desire.

"With knowledge as my map and the compass of my heart
I allow my inner wisdom to guide me, to navigate step by step through this transition,
creating a path of intent to the life I want to live"

Terms and Conditions
Sessions relating to nutrition and lifestyle are not a substitute for professional medical advice, always work in conjunction with your medical professional, and notify your Doctor of any changes in diet and lifestyle.

Nina is a member of professional associations including the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) and the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)