About Me

I worked for many years in fast paced corporate business. Pushing myself to keep going, ignoring my own needs.  I remember how much I would look forward to a holiday, often by the time I got away I would feel exhausted and always needed more time!  One holiday I was so exhausted even reading was too much effort. It took me a few more years to recognise signs of burn out. 

Over the years I have supported myself through various health challenges, of which the medical profession were only able to help up to a point and then I was on my own. Except I wasn't. I knew how to connect into my inner wisdom from my years of coaching and NLP experience, I had studied nutrition for three years and I knew if I provided my body with what it needed and it would do its best for me.

My journey now is that of transition, in many areas of my life, changing jobs, (getting through a pandemic), and navigating the menopause. I have learnt during times of change how powerful it is to come together and share experiences, to been able to show up exactly as I am in that moment, with my anxiety, my sadness, my joy and my foggy brain.

Feeling heard and supported, knowing I am not alone when everything can feel so uncertain.  I'm still on this journey, I can share with you from a place of this is how I'm doing it, this is what I've learnt and what I'm finding works, the real power is in us doing it together as we connect to the wisdom within.

So instead of feeling isolated and alone in this experience, like you're losing the plot.

Instead of trying to hide symptoms, like how exhausted you are from the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the night sweats, etc.....

Instead of justifying how you feel to people who don't understand.

Instead of feeling past it and invisible.  

You get to do menopause your way!

Acknowledging and honouring this transition, finding clarity by connecting to a new centre of wisdom.  Feeling supported you are able to embracing your self-worth and power so you can emerging rejuvenated, with new possibility for the future.

Together we can change the story of menopause!

"With knowledge as my map and the compass of my heart
I allow my inner wisdom to guide me, to navigate step by step through this transition,
creating a path of intent to the life I want to live"

Terms and Conditions
Sessions relating to nutrition and lifestyle are not a substitute for professional medical advice, always work in conjunction with your medical professional, and notify your Doctor of any changes in diet and lifestyle.

Nina is a member of professional associations including the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) and the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)