About Me

I worked in a corporate environment for many years, as high level Executive Assistant and an Event Planner. I was exposed to a lot of daily stressors. I would have told you I thrived on it! I had no idea what effect it would later have on my health and that I would end up being so unwell. At the lowest point in my wellbeing, I couldn’t function, I had muscle & joint pain, digestive issues causing extreme weight loss, I had low mood and extreme fatigue - just making a cup of tea was an huge effort. I had really hit rock bottom.

After taking my symptoms to the doctors, and after many tests I was offered medication to treat some of the symptoms, but for me it was more important to get to the root cause of what was going on. 

Luckily the information I had been learning during my three years studying to become a nutritional therapist equipped me to start to make some key changes. I moved my health and wellbeing to the top of my priority list and created my own holistic health and wellbeing programme based on getting the support I needed and tuning into my body’s wisdom and giving it what it asked of me. 

Thankfully this programme and the support I received is what helped me to feel human again, to experience a new quality of life, different in many ways from the one I knew before.

This experience is a gift that I want to share to help other women like me.

I’m walking proof of the power of what I teach. I have and continue to transform my own health into physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I know it is possible to get balance back and enjoy life again because I’ve done it!

The start of peri-menopause has brought some familiar and some new challenges and has further highlighted to me the importance of taking care of myself both now and for my future wellbeing.  I feel confident that I am moving forward at this time of life with the best possible support for myself and you can too!

I listen to my own body’s wisdom and treat myself according to my knowledge of natural health, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. I understand it’s a ‘journey’ not a ‘quick fix.’ 

I believe nature knows best, I appreciate the advantages of eating healthy food, the benefits of movement, I love walking and being outdoors and I believe strongly in the power of rest.   Although I am very much plugged in at the mains, I love to draw on the wisdom of ancient traditions and cultures.

I’m a qualified nutritional therapist, a qualified coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation), an NLP practitioner and a member of professional associations including the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) and the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)

Terms and Conditions
Consultations are not a substitute for professional medical advice, always work in conjunction with your medical professional, and notify your Doctor of any changes in diet and lifestyle.