A New Centre of Wisdom

12 Week Menopause Women?s Circle

Let?s spend 12 weeks together exploring and creating a new story of menopause!

Within our current cultural story of menopause it?s unsurprising if you?re feeling:

  • Unprepared and confused, like you are losing the plot.
  • Isolated and alone in this transition
  • Experiencing feelings of melancholy, sadness or low mood
  • You just don't have the energy for anything, you feel exhausted
  • Somedays it feels like you have cotton wool in your head
  • Aching joints and muscle pain are a common part of your life
  • Experiencing meltdowns, the full on rage and tears type
  • As though you have become invisible, like you are past it
  • Overwhelmed, stuck left wondering what is the next step

Some of the things that might have helped in the past just aren?t anymore.

  • Drinking coffee just seems to increase anxiety
  • You?re eating less but the weight is just piling on
  • Exercise that used to revitalise leaves you feeling exhausted
  • Alcohol increases mood swings
  • Trying to push through just isn?t possible

It?s not you, you?re not the problem and menopause isn?t something to hide, our world simply doesn?t understand how to support us as we go through this transition.



Doing menopause your way!

Experiencing the power of connecting with other women going through the same thing

Feeling seen, held and supported

Gaining clarity through connecting to a new centre of wisdom

Loving and respecting the natural flow within

Emerging rejuvenated

Embracing your power and self-worth

Creating a new story of possibility for the future

This is for you if you are:

  • Ready to take responsibility for your own well-being and be kinder to yourself
  • Open to being curious and playing with the possibilities
  • Committed to looking at your life
  • Wanting to change the story of menopause!

This is not for you if:

  • You want to be fixed
  • Losing weight is your main goal
  • You just want to carry on as before

Over 12 weeks I offer you a cocoon to deeper connect to your own feelings and needs.

So you can emerge knowing how to support yourself during this time, seeing new possibilities and celebrating wisdom, grey hair and funny shapes!

What?s in place to support you:

Weekly sessions - Every Tuesday 7.30 - 9pm, grab a cuppa, a blanket and get cosy for some circle time, a space for connecting into how you are and what you need.

We will cover the emotional aspects of going through transitions and how these can affect you.

How good nutritional foundations can support your body and manage symptoms as changes occur.

Nourishing practices to replenish and rejuvenate.

Special guest sessions will also be featured to support this journey.

This is a non-judgemental space where all of you is welcome, your anxiety, your courage, your sadness, your joy, your hot flushes, your anger, your foggy brain, all of you, just as you are.

Feedback from a previous programme

?It was a warm, welcoming safe space to share, learn & explore?

?We are not alone and sharing is key?

?As a result of this programme I am now taking time for me?

?I am now being very open about the fact that I am going through menopause and explaining to others that sometimes my mind just goes blank and sometimes I just need a good cry!?

Investment is ?397

Can be paid in x2 instalments of ?198.50

Bonus if paid in full:

  • 1:1 session with me (60mins)
  • Moon gift
  • Recorded guided relaxation

Follow the link above to book in a call to chat about whether the menopause circle offers the support you need, or if you're ready to join, follow one of the links below.