Menopause: A Transition (part 2)

Exploring menopause as the transitional process it is and ways to navigate this time of life (part 2)

A New Beginning

You’ve left the shores of the familiar island you’ve been on and find yourself somewhere in the middle of the ocean, rather than fighting against the waves you learn to float along with them and in this place you have some space to reflect, to consider what you really value in life. To notice what is important to you. You start to imagine how it will feel on your future island, you can smell the fresh scent in the air, you see the supportive network of people that are around you. You are doing things you enjoy, living a life with intention and purpose.

This is the gift of the transition of menopause. A sense of freedom in which you get to live your version of your next chapter. One where you are fully yourself, aligned with your values, no more ‘people pleasing’ or ‘performing’, you know your inner wisdom is guiding you and you emerge a woman embracing her power and self worth, you work with your own natural flow. You take up your place and live a life you have created on this new island, one that works for you. Your New Beginning!

As part of the transitional phase of peri-menopause there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that call for attention. (See my previous blog for more about these phases).

My work is to help you to navigate menopause, to find YOUR way and shift your experience. To develop practices to listen within, to love and respect your natural flow and to truly nourish yourself at this time.

When you get the support you need and deserve through peri-menopause you have the opportunity to own your transition and how you experience it.

You make choices about the life you want to liv. Where you no longer question your worth but embrace your power, your health and vitality to live a life you desire.

(Recognition to the work of William Bridges and Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer of Red School on transitions)

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